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About Us

EDDY’ PANDA doesn’t only select the microbes known to be beneficial for our body,
but a balanced mix of various microbe while pursuing a healthy bio world.

EDDY’ PANDA intends to establish a healthy platform where people who think about
keeping their families healthy gather together as a creator of various family lives.
Our hope is to keep communicating with our users and create diverse EDDY PANDA projects in the future.


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Named after a father

Eddy Panda BI

EDDY’ PANDA is a brand created by Eddy, a famous cultural content expert and designer in Korea who had searched all around the world over several years to cure his daughter who was suffering from an unknown skin disease and established this brand with the heart of a father by working with bio experts in Korea and overseas.

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Dr. Edward

A Korean brand designed to promote the excellence of K-BIO to overseas markets

Doctor Edward BI

Dr. Edward is a proud Korean brand established with the purpose of promoting the excellence of EDDY’PANDA products, which won the grand prize of 2020 Korea K-BIO and 2021 Korea Luxury Brand Award.

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The first sex education specialty brand for infants,
children and adolescents.

나야와 친구들 BI

NAYA & FRIENDS are the first sex education specialty brand with JAJU School, the nation's largest sex education institution, and are healthy brands that infants, children, and teenagers can use in various ways.

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